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Since its humble beginnings in 1970, the CRF has grown and blossomed into the all-encompassing family care organization that it is today. From the simple needs of room and board to the more intensive care plans and therapies that our clients require, the people of CRF are committed to helping integrate those with disabilities into a society where they can be as productive as possible. Our founders, Raymond and Sharon Mauger, have made it a point to create programs and services that help our clients function effectively in the world and in their own lives. From the ground up, Mr. and Mrs. Mauger have grown the company to include residential homes, Medicaid waiver programs, semi-independent living communities, and other features to help tailor professional care for the individuals we serve.

This company made its start as a small, family-oriented agency focused on providing exceptional care and services for the MR/DD clients we work with. Making appointments, providing a stable home, and assisting with daily activities are only a small part of the work that our staff is dedicated to putting in to each of our clients. When these individuals come to us from institutions, group homes, or their own homes, we work to build and maintain their basic skills. When CRF first came into being, our agency became one of the first to start operating under the regulations set forth by the Health Care Financing Administration in Indiana. Even as we have expanded and changed over the years, our focus on family-oriented care has remained unwavering as we attend to the ever-persisting needs of our developmentally disabled clients.

Throughout our 50 years of service, CRF has been providing specialized occupational programs that require various support levels. From those with Moderate to Basic level functioning, we are able to aid in the development of skills and caring of needs across the board. We pride ourselves in having a dedicated staff eager to care for our clients and help them to better themselves each day. From our little agency to the prosperous company we have become, we at CRF have maintained our focus on family-oriented care and continue to provide our individualized services over the years.


CRF-First Choice is a family owned and operated corporation that values the importance of home and family. Therefore, the individuals we care for are encouraged to maintain relationships, develop a network of friends, and prevent themselves from becoming a separate entity from their family and community. The extent to which a person becomes a member of their community is a matter of personal preference. As a minimum, community membership means that the individual will help make major as well as day to day decisions affecting their life. Family, home, friends and community inclusion are essential for each individual to reach their maximal development, and realization of their potential is an integral part of each resident’s life regardless of their disability.

CRF-First Choice has realized that being a responsible service provider means creating new and meaningful experiences for each person that comes into our care. Where there are barriers, we will advocate for change, and work diligently to overcome and succeed. Our staff are dedicated to assisting each individual to exert greater control over their life, better develop and exercise their competencies, and experience a sense of belonging, security, and self-respect.


Our mission is to assure that each individual can experience all of the rights granted to them as a citizen. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and participate in a community life, and we wish to provide such a life for those in our care. Our goal is to assure that each individual is able to experience the highest possible quality of life under our care. Allowing individuals to be nurtured in a loving and supportive environment while giving them the freedom to hold their own system of values helps us to prevent the deprivation of any of our clients’ privacy, dignity, privileges, or rights.

We wish to provide each individual with the opportunity to maximize their abilities to their fullest potential, and hope to improve the quality of life of each person in doing so. Providing high-quality care and training programs set the standard for what we expect out of our facilities, and we devote ourselves to providing superior services each day. As we assist each client with identifying their needs, we work as a team to create and enact a care plan while our staff does their utmost to help each individual succeed and progress on.

While keeping in mind the personal needs and concerns of our clients, our staff works to consistently supply all the services that are needed by our clients each day. The individuals that stay with us are encouraged to stay in contact with friends and family while under our care to ensure that they do not become isolated from the community and their loved ones. CRF works tirelessly to provide the adequate supplementary services that adhere to the many varying needs of our clients while keeping them within the state and as close to home as we possibly can. It is our duty to provide our clients with the best services that we can by utilizing all the resources at our disposal to maximize our clients’ individual growth. The programs that we employ are not chosen based on artificial or inappropriate factors, but rather on the degree to which each program is able to foster the growth of our developmentally disabled clients.

As time passes and the people and things around us change, so must we; our policies, programs, and practices all must change and adapt to ensure that our clients can receive the best possible care and are not held back by obligatory or outdated rules. We work to eliminate this problem as well by individually tailoring each care plan to fit the specific needs of our clients. We do not keep services that are not useful or simply do not work. Any service that we provide must support a community life and utilize the many resources that our communities offer us in order for us to properly integrate individuals into the community.

The full amount to which any individual wishes to be a part of the community is ultimately up to the individual; however, we hope to see an interest not only in making day-to-day decisions, but in major life choices as well. We also hope that we can help our clients to feel confident enough to develop friendships, follow their aspirations, and preform civic duties as they see fit. With these services, we hope to help each individual in reaching their maximum development and realizing their true potential regardless of any disabilities they may have.

The best resource that developmentally disabled individuals have at their disposable is their home and family. It is the duty of our staff to provide a normalized experience for each of the clients that comes through our doors. We feel that CRF has both the resources and abilities to assist individuals in their progress. Before a client leaves our care, we intend to expand their decision-making abilities, help them gain more control over the circumstances in their life, establish and maintain positive and meaningful relationships, advance and develop competencies, and help them to experience a true sense of belonging, security, and respect.