CRF-First Choice

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What is CRF First Choice?

CRF First Choice is an organization that provides habilitation and service for adults with developmental disabilities. We help our clients to build the skills that they need to be productive in our society. We offer therapies, living services, and many programs that are tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients. We individually tailor each care plan to suit the needs of our clients and ensure that they get the best care possible.

What are the advantages of choosing CRF First Choice?

CRF First Choice is truly a family owned and operated organization. When questions need to be answered or addressed, there aren't layers and layers of professionals and customer service workers to sort through. Questions are answered quickly and efficiently day or night. Through many years of practice, we have also managed to develop an all encompassing team able to meet all of our clients' needs.

Can I stay in contact with people outside of CRF?

Yes, CRF in no way attempts to isolate any client from their family and friends so long as the individual in question posses no threat to you any of our other clients residing in the home with you. We want to create the most positive environment possible for each individual, and we value the support family and friends can offer in your progress.

Is transportation available to me?

Yes, CRF First Choice provides transportation services to all of our clients to get them to and from any appointments, work, or errands they might need a car for. Vehicles are provided for each of our homes, and they are welcomed to be used for trips and outings as they are approved by the nursing and care staff.

How can my financial needs be met?

When addressing the needs of our clients, CRF First Choice must take into consideration a variety of factors, including the financial needs of each individual. CRF can help with applying, getting to, and maintaining a job as well as the money management required. We can also assist individuals in applying for programs and services like the waiver program to help clients pay for the things they might need.

How will CRF-First Choice ensure that I am happy with my services?

With all of the services CRF First Choice offers, we are sure to find the right programs for you or your loved one. We work to communicate effectively both within our own staff and with the clients and families we work with. We encourage families to be active in the lives and care of our clients and we continuously enhance and update our programs as we find new ways to care for our clients.

How would I report any concerns or suspected abuse?

If you have concerns about the condition of any of our facilities or about the clients who reside in them, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are welcome to send us a message through this website or by contacting the supervisor of the home in question. We always want to be informed of any suspect behavior or condition that could be a sign of abuse, no matter what. Our clients are vulnerable to abuse and might not notice it for themselves or might be unable to communicate the issue; having friends, family, and concerned visitors around often helps us to identify and stop abuse if it were to occur.

What is the hiring process at CRF First Choice?

At CRF First Choice, we aim to hire only the best workers for our company. When we go about hiring a new employee, we start with looking over the applicants resume or application. Overall, we go over the resume, application, and transcripts that the individual has to offer, and we preform one or more face-to-face interviews and one or more possible skills tests as well as a drug screening for some employee groups.