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                     CRF-First Choice

How long has CRF-First Choice been providing services?

The Maugers began with family care group homes during the early 1970's. Through great success, the agency expanded services in Florida and developed  a sister company CRF-First Choice which focuses on supported living services. 

What are the advantages of choosing CRF-First Choice?

This is truly a family owned and operated organization. When questions need to be answered or addressed, there aren't layers of professionals to sort through. Questions are answered quickly and efficiently day or night. Through many years of experience, we have developed an all encompassing team to meet all aspects of successful daily living.

How will CRF-First Choice ensure that I am happy with my services?

It is very important to the organization to communicate often and effectively with all team members. There is no need to wait to express feedback for a scheduled opportunity. We value and welcome feedback concerning our services at anytime.

Will I be able to stay in contact with my friends and family?

We feel that family, home, friends, and community involvement is essential for successful integration. Therefore, we will assist in making it possible to maintain and develop valuable relationships.

How is staff chosen?

The hiring process begins with a completed application that is screened by our Human Resources department. If the applicant meets the criteria expected, a face to face interview is completed. The following steps include a criminal background check, driving record check, abuse/neglect record check, driving record check, and reference check with former employers.

May I visit my loved one?

We encourage families and friends to visit as long as this is the wish of the person being served.

If I have concerns, who do I contact?

There will be a supervisor that will be responsible for each individual. This will be your first contact. If you feel that your concerns are not met sufficiently, contact their supervisor. We ask that concerns no matter how big or small are brought to our attention immediately. This will allow us to serve individuals to the best of our ability.

Is transportation available for community activities, doctor appointments, etc?

There will be a car provided for transportation needs if this is a home shared with others receiving services. If this is services being provided in a parents/guardian's home, the staff may access their personal car for transportation.

How are financial needs addressed?

Financial needs are addressed on an individual basis. If assistance is needed, the individual's Interdiciplinary Team will meet to discuss possibilites. Our accounting office is always available for questions.


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